Microsoft MCSA SQL 2016 Certification Training

Discover how to implement auditing, logging, and event handling in SSIS. SQL Server Integration Services can be installed during the SQL Server installation or as a separate component.

SQL Server 2016 Lessons

Describe SQL Server services and how you manage the configuration of those services. You must, however, ensure that you have a clear plan of how to proceed and successfully recover the database to the required state. A good plan and understanding of the restore process can help avoid making the situation worse. Please note – Exams & Certification will no longer be available after Jan 31st, 2021. Certification Camps will continue to offer this as a “training only” 5 day event after Jan 31st, 2021.

Microsoft MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration (70-764 & 70- FAQs: Cost, Training, Value

There is already a high demand for both Microsoft SQL Server DBA and Programmers who have SQL Server experience, and that’s why it’s an excellent decision to learn MSSQL in 2022. Test Pass – We offer SQL Server 2016 Lessons a free retake voucher for each of the exams required for certification. Any training center offering a “100% pass guarantee” would have to use unethical practices or unlimited test vouchers .

  • This tutorial provides with many useful SQL Server String functions that allow you to manipulate character string effectively.
  • This module will demonstrate the skills necessary for the accomplishment of the management tasks.
  • The Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Data Querying and Manipulation Proficiency benchmark measures a learner’s skills and knowledge of querying, retrieving, and manipulating data using advanced functions in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • By the end of the course, you’ll be able to perform multi-table joins by chaining .join methods, create and query views, correctly insert data into underlying tables using views, create indexes, and interpret index metadata.
  • You will learn how to filter and block the data access and the restrictions of the row-level security.

In this course, you’ll learn how to configure data access and auditing, manage backup and restore of databases, manage and monitor SQL Server instances, and manage high availability and disaster recovery. SQL Server is installed behind many third-party applications and behind Microsoft development tools such as Visual Studio.

Module 1: Introduction to SQL Server 2016

You’ll then create and query views and learn how insertions into views are propagated from the view to the underlying tables. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to perform multi-table joins by chaining .join methods, create and query views, correctly insert data into underlying tables using views, create indexes, and interpret index metadata. Explore memory-optimized tables as well as native stored procedures, a feature used to enable efficient execution of the queries. In order to properly design and implement a relational database schema, it’s important to have an understanding of the fundamentals of SQL Server 2016.

  • Instead of writing complex, nested loops to implement procedures for working with data, LINQ enables a more functional, declarative style.
  • Of course, I had a backup, but I didn’t want to restore this unless I had too.
  • This video covers SQL Server from their perspectives and gives them what they need to manage these instances.

Learn how to analyze and tune performance, and troubleshoot data analysis issues. After creation, multidimensional models need to be processed and the databases deployed for users to access them. Examine what is involved in processing data models and deploying SSAS databases. In addition to indexes, SQL Server 2016 uses views to improve the performance of queries and the overall database. Master databases by discovering the art of database development and design.

Our learners say it best.

Subqueries in SQL Server 2016 are nested SELECT statements used to create more effective queries in T-SQL. SQL Server 2016 offers various clauses determine how the results of a particular query are presented. Explore data modification using conversions, character data, SELECT INTO, INSERT, and more.

  • Learn how to use these tools to create reports with different options, including images, charts, and column headers.
  • System administrators and developers alike are increasingly responsible for working with and managing SQL Server with no prior exposure or background.
  • This section introduces you to the SQL Server views and discusses the advantage and disadvantages of the database views.
  • This module describes the preinstalled system databases, the physical structure of databases and the most common configuration options related to them.

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